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10 Year Mortgage Rates

Finding the best 10 year mortgage rates is incredibly important if you are planning on financial success in the future. Your mortgage is a huge investment, so you need to take the mortgage search process very seriously. A good rate on a 10 year mortgage can save you thousands of dollars and make your home owning experience a good one. The flip side is a poor 10 year mortgage rate, which can drain your savings and ruin your hard work. Using an independent site like to find the best mortgage is a great idea if you are currently looking for a mortgage.

Convenience and access

One of the main reasons why people find sites like such good resources is the convenience. Instead of having to waste your time looking for a 10 year mortgage rate from each and every lender, you can get access to many national leaders all in one place. This simply makes sense from a time standpoint. Likewise, having access to all of these different 10 year mortgage rates will allow you to make quick and easy comparisons between various companies. Being able to compare is a huge plus when your goal is getting the right loan.

An independent source of information

Often times when you go to lenders or brokers for 10 year mortgage information, you are getting information that is packaged in a certain way. They don't lie to you, per se, but they do provide information with a spin. It is better if you get 10 year mortgage rate information from an independent source. Sites like are independent and they don't favor any individual lender. They let you see the 10 year mortgage rates and rate information for yourself. From there, they trust that you are an informed consumer and that you will make the best decision for yourself. At the very least, this will lead to a more diligent and thorough search process.

Sites like provide people with the opportunity to do more than just look up 10 year mortgage rates. In addition to getting the 10 year mortgage rate, you can look up information on the mortgage process. This will allow you to prepare yourself as you talk with different banks about what they have to offer. Being prepared is a big part of the game, as you'll be able to answer questions effectively and ask the right questions, too.

National Rate Averages

Mortgage Rates

Product Rate
5/1 yr ARM 3.147%
1 yr ARM 3.299%
15 yr fixed 3.221%
30 yr fixed 3.815%

Home Equity Rates

* Updated Jun 7, 2012