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Home Equity Rates

Home equity loan rates are still low. However, they're not expected to stay as low as they currently are for a long time. As the housing market's home values rise and fall, so do interest rates. It is best to seek one of these loans while the rates are at an optimal low. Home equity rates are determined by a combination of the Prime Rate and a margin. In order to qualify for one, applicants need to have at least 20% equity in their home, as well as meet the lender's credit criteria. Interest rates for this type of loan depend on credit scores, credit history and several other individual criteria. Since they also vary greatly in interest rates and terms, it is essential to compare rates before signing the papers for any home equity loan.

Home equity loans are often sought by people who want to consolidate credit card debt or need money immediately for one large expense. Many lenders offer a fixed home equity loan rate. The loan sum is paid upfront to the borrower. Interest benefits may qualify as a tax deduction for some individuals. A home equity line of credit is similar to a home equity loan. The main difference is that a home equity loan provides the money upfront in one sum, while the line of credit allows the borrower to take out smaller amounts as needed. A line of credit is perfect for those who are improving their home, consolidating debts or paying intermittently for a wedding or other large expense. Home equity line of credit rates may be variable or fixed. The rate depends on individual lenders' policies and the options they offer.

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Home Equity Rates

Product Rate
HELOC 4.891%
Home Equity
Loan - 10 yrs
Home Equity
Loan - 15 yrs
* Updated Jun 7, 2012