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Private Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance is something that you can be forced into getting when you start the process for your mortgage. You may want to cancel it but find that you are having troubles doing so. So what can you do if you do not want this problem any longer? Well here are a few things that you need to watch out for on your quest to relieve yourself of private mortgage insurance.

Know Your Rights in the Situation

If you want to cancel your mortgage insurance then you need to consult your mortgage broker. Let them know what you are thinking, and then ask how they can help. In order to comply with the law, your lender will tell you how long it will take for you to cancel your private mortgage insurance. This is done at the time of closing, and they must tell you the exact number of months and years. You have to pay a certain portion of the loan to cancel insurance, so make sure you find out as much information as possible.

It may vary but most people look to cancel their insurance when they get down around the 80% of the balance. Mortgage lenders are required to drop the insurance when the loan reaches a balance of 78%. There also must be some information in an annual letter you receive. This tells you the exact steps to canceling your private insurance.

Tips on Canceling Sooner Than Later

  • Increase the value of your home

This can be done if you opt to remodel. When you remodel you will increase how much your home is worth. Then when you have finished that, ask for the lenders to reassess your homes value compared to the loan. This will have an effect.

  • Pay more on your loan

If you pay a little extra each month then you will find the loan disappears quicker. This can really help, but you need to make sure that the lender does not mind this. Sometimes they will charge extra if you try to pay more on the loan. They enjoy the interest you have to pay and do not look nicely on getting out of it.

  • Get your house reappraised

This is kind of what you would do on a remodel, but this is done in a situation where your house stays the same. The land may have risen in value, or your house has taken on more value because of the properties around it. Find all this out, it will be good to take note of.

National Rate Averages

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15 yr fixed 3.221%
30 yr fixed 3.815%

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* Updated Jun 7, 2012