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Wholesale Mortgage Lenders offers comprehensive mortgage guides if customers need more information before getting a loan. They are "your number one shop for mortgage loans." Here is a guided tour of their website and what services they offer.

One of the things a person looking for a mortgage loan need to know is whether or not they are dealing with a broker, since most brokers will charge their clients for services rendered. And that is one of the advantages of searching for wholesale mortgage lenders through a website like that of Mortgage Finder's Network, rather than going to a broker. Here you can get a variety of price quotes at absolutely no cost to yourself. You can compare the various things that need to be considered in deciding which mortgage loan is the best, such as:

  • rates - Is the rate quoted the lowest for the day or week? Is it fixed or adjustable?
  • points - These should be quoted in dollar amounts ($1 = 1%).
  • fees - Try to get the best deal possible, as fees are negotiable; you may even be able to get them waived altogether.
  • down payment - If a 20% payment is not made, you may have to purchase a private mortgage insurance.

One of Mortgage Finders Network's primary goals has been to make this type of loan easier to obtain. They may offer low interest rates compared to consumer loans or credit cards, and allow you to save on taxes; but you may lose your house if you fail to pay back the loan on time, and if the interest rate is variable it will fluctuate with the economy.

To get customized mortgage loan quotes, you choose your type of service desired (home purchase, home refinance, or equity line); property type (single family, multi- family, condo, townhouse, mobile home); and credit rating (excellent, good, fair, or poor). You also specify your state, the amount of money desired, the loan purpose (new purchase or refinance), and loan type (e.g. 40 year fixed). When you do this, you can obtain in seconds what it might take a much longer time for a broker to get. Our site will help you compare multiple offers in minutes!

Wholesale mortgage is a complex business you just do not want to get involved with, without doing your homework first.

National Rate Averages

Mortgage Rates

Product Rate
5/1 yr ARM 3.147%
1 yr ARM 3.299%
15 yr fixed 3.221%
30 yr fixed 3.815%

Home Equity Rates

* Updated Jun 7, 2012