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Tax Benefits for Home Owners

You might have heard about all the tax benefits that you can get if you are a home owner. Well, some people understand that this can be a possibility, but they do not understand how to take advantage of it. Well, today is your lucky day! The following are some of the ways that you can take advantage of your tax breaks while you are a home owner. Make sure that you are setting yourself up to be in the best position possible, because you want to take advantage of anything that can help you financially. Let's read on and talk about some different tax breaks that might be possible for you, now that you are a home owner.

Interest on Your Primary Residence

If you have your first mortgage and you pay interest and principal each month, or if you have an interest only mortgage then this is for you. You will receive a Form 1098 from your lender at the end of each year. You will submit this with your tax returns like normal. The result could be that your taxes decrease or the amount that you get back will increase. You need to make sure that your tax preparer, or if you prepared them yourself, that everything is included. If you are able to get some of your interest back then you need to.

Interest on a Second Mortgage

If you have a second mortgage on your own then you can also look to gain some money back. If the total amount of your loans does not exceed what your home is worth, and you the interest you have paid is under $100,000 then you will be in line to get some if not most of that money back. If you have more loans out that exceed the value of your home then you will be able to write off some of those charges if you can prove that the money was actually spent on home improvements. This is why it is important to use a second mortgage wisely.

Property Taxes to State and Local Governments

You can gain some of the money that you pay in taxes to your state, your city, or your local taxes. This is also going to be based on your home's assessed value, and everyone around you must be paying property taxes as well. The assessed value is the local government's estimate of the value of your home. This value could even be lower then what your home is actually worth. Sometimes this value will come about even though no inspector has looked at your home. This is why it is important that your home is accurately judged.

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* Updated Jun 7, 2012