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Product Rate
5/1 yr ARM 3.147%
1 yr ARM 3.299%
15 yr fixed 3.221%
30 yr fixed 3.815%

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* Updated Jun 7, 2012

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Guide to Restoring Credit Quickly

Are you one of the millions of people suffering from a damaged credit score? A poor score could prevent you from getting the mortgage loan you need. Find out how you can restore your credit as quickly as possible in this helpful guide!

5 Reasons to Get a Home Equity Line of Credit

There are many reasons to get a Home Equity Line of Credit from your bank. Whatever the reason you get one, you should take your time and make the right decision.

The Difference between Mortgage Delinquency and Default

Did you know that there's a big difference between mortgage delinquency and mortgage default? Neither one means you'll be forced into foreclosed either. Learn more about delinquency and default here!

How an FHA Loan Differs from a Conventional Loan

If you are in the market to buy a home, you may be wondering whether an FHA loan is better than a conventional loan, or vice versa. This all depends on what home you are buying, how much of a down payment you are making, and what your credit looks like. Learn about the differences between these two types of loans before you decide on the loan paperwork.

What is the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction?

Paying the interest rate on your mortgage loan can be a great benefit at the end of the year. You can get this benefit by taking advantage of the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction.

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Credit

A credit score has a lot to do with your ability to borrow money. You should follow these tips to keep improve your credit rating. You should also be certain to keep your credit rating in good standing.

Why a Good FICO Score is So Crucial to Mortgage Approval

If you are in the market to purchase a home, you want to have a good FICO score. Your FICO score determines the interest rate that you pay. If your FICO score is not good enough, in today's tight credit market, you might even find that your mortgage application has been declined.